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Custom Widgets

Videology has 9 built-in custom widgets that allows you to put dynamic content in the sidebars of different pages and the footer. They are as follows: About Us, Advertisement, Post Listings, Featured Videos, Latest Tweets, and Recent Comments. Let’s take a closer look at them.

About Us

About Us Widget

About Us Widget

The About Us widget allows you to put a brief information about you or your company in the widget areas – sidebars and footers.

You may set the title of the widget, the photo that it displays, the short description, the link to the full About Us page or wherever you want to link it, as well as your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feed). All of these fields are, of course, optional, and if any of them is left blank, the corresponding element will not display.

For more information on how to use the About Us widget, please visit this page.


The Advertisement Widget allows you to put sets of 125×125 ads in any of the widget areas (Sidebars and Footer). For more information on how to set-up and use this widget, please refer to this page.

Post Listings

Post Listings Widget

Post Listings Widget

Videology has four widgets that fall under Post Listings Widget category – Category Posts, Popular Articles, Recent Articles, and Related Posts.

Category Posts widget works in archive pages and single post pages. It displays posts from the same category of the archive/single post page. Popular Articles widget displays the top commented posts. The Recent Articles widget lists the latest posts. The Related Posts widget works only in single post page and lists posts with the same tag as the single post being displayed.

The difference between this widget and the ones built-in to WordPress (Recent Posts) is that Videology’s post listings widgets allow you to display a thumbnail on each entry. The dimensions of the thumbnails may also be set to your preference.

For more information about how to use Post Listings widget, please refer to this page.

Featured Videos

Featured Videos Widget

Featured Videos Widget

The Featured Videos widget allows you to put a list of videos and video player box in any of the widget areas (Sidebars and Footer). When you click a video title in the list, the video player will switch to that particular video.

Currently, you can add videos from these video sites – Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion simply by placing the URL of the video from the video site to the widget settings. You can also upload an FLV video in your webhost, and input the URL of this video to the same field. When this video is activated, the built-in FLV player will be used.

For more information about the Featured Videos widget and how to set it up, please refer to this page.

Latest Tweets

Latest Tweets Widget

Latest Tweets Widget

The Latest Tweets widget allows you to show the latest status updates from a specified Twitter account in any of the widget areas (Sidebars and Footer). Simply input the Twitter ID and the number of tweets that you want to display, and you’re all set.

For more information about the latest tweets widget, please read this page.

Recent Comments

Recent Comments Widget

Recent Comments Widget

WordPress has a built-in Recent Comments widget. However, the difference between that widget and the Recent Comments custom widget that comes with Videology is that the latter allows you to place an image next to the comment link (which includes the name of the comment author and the title of the post). You can choose to display either the avatar of the author (based on his email) or the featured image of the post. You may also set the dimensions of the image to whatever size you prefer.

For more information about the Recent Comments custom widget that comes with Videology, please read this page.

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