Videology WordPress Theme Complete Features Overview

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Home Page and Sliders

The home page has several elements that you can add and remove such as the main slider, news slider, and content overview. The main slider is a content slider that intends to highlight your chosen content. It also has a video player for quick video playback.

The news slider is a drag n’ drop slider which gives you another option to highlight more contents. If you don’t want the main slider, you can use this slider instead by hiding the main slider and positioning the news slider at the top of the content area.

The content overview intends to highlight the general contents of your site. If you have products and services or downloadable contents, this is the best place to put a highlight about it and attract your visitor’s attention.

For more information about these home page elements, please visit this page.

Custom Widgets

This theme has 9 built-in custom widgets that allows you to put dynamic content in the sidebars of different pages and the footer. These custom widgets include an “About Us” box, advertisement, post listings with thumbnails, featured videos (list and player), latest tweets, and recent comments (with post thumbnails or avatars).

You may check out this page to get better glimpse and a lot more information about the built-in custom widgets. If you want to see the actual widgets, keep browsing the pages (refer to “Browser Compatibility and Coding Standards” below for the links) in this site as different widget areas will show different widgets, both custom and built-in.


Videology has several shortcodes that allow you to create from relatively simpler text formatting such as columns, pullquotes, and message boxes, to more complex content formattings such as tabbed elements and accordion, portfolio, photos and video galleries. Shortcut buttons are added in the post editor for quicker access and editing.

For more information about Videology’s shortcodes, please visit this page.

Appearance Settings and Color Customizer

Videology’s Theme Options admin page allows you customize the theme without directly editing any of the theme files. It has the Appearance Settings which enables you to change background image (including its tiling and scrolling), and the font styles and sizes. The color customizer simply allows you to change every bit of color in the theme easily using color pickers.

For more information about Appearance Settings, Color Customizer, and other customization options in Videology, please check out this page.

Typography and HTML Elements Styling

The text elements in the theme such as headings, paragraphs, and lists are styled for good readability. The HTML elements such as tables, images, forms, and form elements are also well-styled.

Visit this page to see a sample of typography and HTML elements.

Search Engine and Social Media Optimization

Videology has built-in features that ensures the pages of your WordPress site appear properly on search engine results and social media shares (more particularly with Facebook) with well formatted titles, description, and the right thumbnails.

For more information about this feature, please click here.

Browser Compatibility and Coding Standards

Videology has been tested to work and look consistently on all the major web browsers – Google Chrome (Chromium), Firefox, Internet Explorer (from IE6 to the latest version), Safari, and Opera. The markup uses XHTML strict standards and the styling is valid CSS to ensure future browser compatibility.

XHTML Validations
CSS Validations

Documentation and Support Forums

Videology has a very detailed documentation which can be used as guide for installing and customizing the contents and appearance of your site. The support forums is a great place to ask questions and find answers from older threads. You may also post feature requests in the forums.


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