Search Engine and Social Media

Videology has built-in features that ensures the pages of your WordPress site appear properly on search engine results and social media shares (more particularly with Facebook) with well formatted titles, description, and the right thumbnails.

In this section, we discuss these features in detail.

Search Engine Optimization

Although on-page search engine optimization is becoming less and less significant when it comes to getting a higher ranking in search engines for certain keywords and key phrases, it is still an important factor to consider when optimizing your site. The title tags are still used by the search engines as the main link to your page when it appears on a search result listing. The meta description is also used by the search engines as a brief description of the page that appeared in the result.

Videology’s title tags are well-formatted so that the main content of the site appears first, followed by the name of the site. There are also some built-in features that allow you to set the meta tags (description and keywords) for different types of pages – post/page, category, etc.

Videology SEO Meta Box

Videology SEO Meta Box

For more information on how to set the meta tags of different types of pages, please refer to this guide.

Social Media Optimization

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others have become a great tool for promoting your site. Social media websites usually allow their users to share web pages that they find interesting.

Videology comes built-in with AddThis icons on every post and page which allows you to place social media sharing icons so that visitors on your site can easily share the contents they find on your site. These icons can be turned on and off, and you can select the position where they appear, all of that in the Theme Options.

And when users do share your content, it’s also important that you ensure your page appears properly on the social media pages. Videology makes sure that the proper title, icon, and description appear when a user shares your content on social media sites, more particularly, on Facebook.

Sharing Your Page on Facebook

Sharing Your Page on Facebook

For more information about this feature, please click here.

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