Media Galleries

Videology has built-in tools for creating photo and video galleries. For some examples, please scroll down. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a media gallery page such as this one.

Photo Gallery

Creating photo galleries such as the one below is easy with videology using the photos shortcode. You can type the shortcode yourself in the post/page editor or use Videology’s shortcodes toolbar. For more information on how to use the photos shortcode, please head to this link.

Image sources can be within your site’s domain or outside. The thumbnails are generated automatically. When you click any of the thumbnails, a pop-up box will appear containing the larger view of the image.

All the images in this gallery are downloaded from

Video Gallery

Below, you will find a sample video gallery created using Videology’s videos shortcode. When you click any of the link in each listing, a pop-up video player will appear.

Creating video galleries such as this is easy with Videology. You can either type the shortcode yourself or use the built-in shortcode toolbar in the post/page editor. Video Gallery supports FLV, Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Metacafe. For more information about video gallery shortcode and how to use it, please go to this link.

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